Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Moving On...

One of the biggest stressors in life is moving – and rightfully so. In my short lifetime I have lived in a total of eight different towns. This, of course, means I have a long list of experience on my moving resume. Even though I have plenty of previous knowledge about moving, it never gets easy.

My last move, this weekend, was a unique and sentimental experience for me. JC and I bought our first house in Mattoon two years ago. Our cute, two bedroom little house was perfect for us. There were just enough projects in the house to give us a taste of what home renovations are like – and to allow us to make our little piece of earth special and unique. Our Rudy Street home was our little sanctuary and packing up our life after two short years was tough.   

Before the move.

After the move.

Since I now have a vast knowledge of moving, here’s my personal DO’s and DON’Ts list of moving:

-DO make sure you put all “important” items (i.e. cell phone chargers, checkbooks, etc.) in boxes or places where you have easy access to them.
-DO always use or have cell phones or some means of communication. When you are traveling with a caravan of people, with your belongings, you never want to have people get lost or experience car trouble.
-DO plan on having to work around rummage/yard sale traffic if you are moving in the summer on the weekend.
-DO provide at least a meal for the people who are helping you move. Good suggestions are pizza and pasta. Without their help your move would be a lot more difficult -- and you want to make sure they will help for future moves.
-DON’T back a moving truck down a fairly large hill when the ground is wet. This results in more expenses as the truck could get stuck in the wet yard.   

-DON’T wait until the last minute to pack.   
-DON’T forget any pets!   
-DON’T be surprised if your moving truck doesn’t have air conditioning if you are moving in the summer.
Happy Moving!

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