Friday, July 26, 2013

The Crib Misadventure

It’s a beautiful piece of furniture, that will cradle to sleep our precious baby for years to come … but it was a major fiasco getting this beautiful crib into our baby’s nursery.
The beautiful crib with whale-themed bedding.
Late this spring JC and I decided that we needed to start getting the baby’s nursery together.  After a few hours of debating and browsing, we settled on a beautiful dark-colored crib.  We put in our order and the salesman told us that it would be a couple weeks before the crib came in.  This was fine with us, considering we were driving our small, compact Jetta that day and were unsure if the piece of furniture would fit into our trunk and backseat.
Fast forward about two weeks when we were notified our crib was in the store.  Since we wanted to get the crib in the baby’s room and set up before we left for two weeks on vacation we called his Dad to see if he would help us pick up the crib in his SUV.  Four people piled into an SUV for the pickup.  JC and I were busy filling out the forms for registering for baby items, while JC’s Dad was working with the Babies ’r’ us workers to get the crib into the vehicle.
Come to find out an SUV was still on the small side for this beautiful crib.  The workers had to take the pieces of furniture out of the box to fit into the vehicle, and push the back seat down.  This didn’t work out well for the remaining two of us that would either have to sit on top of the baby’s new bed, walk home from Springfield or wait while the crib was driven back to Decatur and another trip made back to Springfield to pick up the remaining two of our party of four.
We decided to send the crib back while JC and I registered for things.  Needless to say we had plenty of time to check out the entire Babies ‘r’ us store and decide what we wanted to get for Baby Fultz.  It actually made the registering and browsing process fun and enjoyable because we didn’t feel rushed; however it required us to walk across Veteran’s Parkway to find a restaurant to hang out in until our ride came back to pick us up! 
I like to think with all mistakes in life there are lessons to be learned.  A few lessons came from this first major (and most likely not last) baby fiasco.
1.)           Always check the size of furniture before driving an hour to pick up an item as large as a crib.
2.)           Our family is amazing!  Both his Dad and girlfriend for putting up with our crib misadventure and my parents for being willing to drive over two hours to pick up the dresser and prevent any other baby furniture misadventures.
3.)           We need a bigger vehicle!

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