Friday, August 2, 2013

Preparing our Fur Baby for our New Baby

With just a little over a month until Baby Fultz makes his or her debut into the world JC and I have been busy getting the nursery together, meeting with pediatricians, attending childbirth classes and trying to find time to relax in our very short down time we have with our busy schedules.  With all the time away from home preparing for baby and new items being brought into our home for baby, our first baby, Wrigley, is having a lot to adjust to right now.
Wrigley loving his child free yard and life!
Whenever we found out back in January that we would be bringing a new bundle of joy into this world one of my first thoughts was how our first fur child was going to handle this new transition.  Wrigley has been with us for over three years now and to say he has been the center of attention during that time is putting it lightly.  He is one spoiled puppy.
Shortly after I got pregnant, and maybe even before I even knew, Wrigley started acting a little different around me.  He would smell my belly off and on, which is not something he did before I started cooking the baby.  He also became very indecisive about his feelings toward me.  At times he would want to cuddle with me and was extremely protective.  Other times he wanted nothing to do with me and would actually go to another room to sleep.
I know Wrigley knows there is a major change coming to the Fultz house soon, but I don’t think that is going to make it any easier on the adjustment.  We’ve heard tips that we should bring home a piece of clothing the baby wears at the hospital so Wrigley can start getting used to the smell.  I’ve also read expecting parents should spend a little less time doting on their dogs so they can get used to not being the center of attention all the time once the baby arrives.
Proud Big Brother!
No matter how prepared we think Wrigley should be there is going to be some time of turmoil in his life.  Here are a few of my concerns about introducing a new baby to our furry baby:
-Wrigley is a barker when things don’t go his way.  When he wants peanut butter in his toy kong he barks.  When he wants to go outside or on walks he barks.  So with a newborn crying and a puppy barking for attention I’m afraid our house is going to be ringing with noise at all hours of the day and night.
-Wrigley is also very protective and never wants to be left out.  He loves cuddling and being loved on by JC and I; however hates it when JC and I hug each other or show any sort of affection around him.  When the baby comes we are going to be doing a lot of cuddling which may not bode well with our furry baby – ensuing in more barking and disruptive behavior.
-Even though he loves people and being around them, he has not had the opportunity to spend much time around infants or toddlers.  The few times he’s been around little people he sniffs them, then wants nothing to do with them.  He’s going to have to get used to being grabbed, pinched and slobbered on once the baby gets old enough to play with Wrigley.
-Lastly, and most importantly, I’m terrified that the baby is going to be allergic to dogs.  That would be the worst possible scenario with baby and puppy.  Wrigley has been our baby for over three years and I hope he will grow old with our family, and learn to love his new brother or sister.
Our family, Christmas 2011.


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