Sunday, August 25, 2013

Showers of Love for Baby Fultz

Baby day is almost here!  We are down to about the two week mark before our bundle of joy enters our world.  Looking back at the last, almost nine months, it’s hard to believe that it’s already time to welcome our new baby and take on the new job of being a mommy.  Eight months ago, when I was battling nausea, extreme fatigue and adjusting to this new role I was taking on carrying our baby, it seemed like the nine month mark would never arrive.  But here it is – and it did arrive pretty quickly too.
Finished nursery -- just waiting to put the Baby's name over the crib!
Each night I peek into the nursery, admiring all of the beautiful furniture, clothes and baby items that will help us take care of our little one.  It makes me appreciate all of the love we’ve received from our family, friends and co-workers during our special time.  A number of celebrations have taken place this summer to help us celebrate and prepare for baby.
My family threw us our first celebration for baby early this month.  Since our theme for the nursery is whales the party was a whale themed event.  My Mom created a few fun activities for the event.  The first being a quiz people took about JC and I when we were children.  Writing cute messages on diapers to help JC and me get through late night diaper changes was the second fun activity – and will provide for a little humor when changing a dirty diaper at three in the morning.  It was such a nice event as I was surrounded by my family and friends who are all so happy to welcome our little one.
Soon-to-be four generations.

The second celebration was thrown by friends and a co-worker of JC’s.  Since JC was also the guest of honor at the Baby BBQ the theme was Cubs.  I really enjoyed this celebration because JC was also in the spotlight.  I think it’s important for Dad’s to feel the baby love too!  JC has some really amazing co-workers who have now become friends and even family for us.
"Congrats on your lil' Cub"
The third celebration was a huge surprise for me.  My co-workers threw a surprise whale-themed shower for me at work.  I had no idea they were planning anything, and really didn’t expect any type of party since I’ve been at the agency for a little less than a year.  JC, Baby and I were all spoiled again.  Special surprises and events like the baby shower make me so thankful for my work place and the great people I work with.
Now, after all the celebrations are over and presents are put up, we are in the waiting stage.  I’m very anxious to meet our baby and also extremely nervous about how everything is going to go over the next few months.  I’m well-aware I’m going to need lots of guidance as I learn to be a Mommy from patient nurses, friends and my parents, but I know our baby will thrive as he or she will be, and already is, extremely loved!

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