Monday, May 5, 2014

Balancing Life as a Mom

When you become a parent, you also become the point of interest for much unsolicited advice on the topic.  Co-workers, friends, family and people you don’t even know feel the need to pass along all of their parenting and child-rearing advice.  I always listen, with an open-mind.  A lot of the advice has actually been helpful. 

Now, after going through the pregnancy and newborn stage there are pieces of advice that I want to write down for me to keep in mind in case another Baby Fultz is added to our family in the future. 
One piece of advice that in my experience has been completely overlooked when talking about parenting issues, and has been the most difficult thing for me since becoming a working mother, is learning how to balance everything on my plate and still feel like I’m being a good Mom.
After eight weeks staying home with Miss A, I headed back to work.  Staying home wasn’t an option for our family at this point in time.  Plus, I truly like my job.  I enjoy working with students, teaching about topics I feel strongly about (prevention of substance abuse and leading healthy lifestyles) and meeting new people through work as part of my public relations duties. 

Family visit over lunch break!
The exhaustion from commuting, traveling on the job and having to focus on work for 8 plus hours a day, going home to take care of a baby and then continuing with all of the normal housework and family obligations has been a challenge to say the least.  The first week back at work I was a zombie because of the new schedule – not because I had a baby at home keeping me up. 
Now that I’ve been back at work for six months, learning how to balance everything has not gotten any easier.  I have figured out how to deal with the exhaustion a little better, even though it does catch up to me at times; however I still have not learned how to work in some time to exercise, or do any of the hobbies that I used to enjoy.  Our dining room table has had scrapbook supplies covering it for months now that I just can’t seem to ever get to. 

Happy girl on her 8 month birthday!
I wonder if I will ever feel like I can successfully manage all of the things that I want to do, and have to do (who really wants to do dishes and the laundry), and also get my quality Anderson time.  It’s a real challenge since I already feel like I don’t have enough time with her during the week. 
It’s a struggle that I know some other Mom’s deal with as well. 
After months of hearing unsolicited advice, I’m now asking for it.  How do you find a good balance with work, Mom duties and personal interests/hobbies?

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