Monday, June 30, 2014

Being "that family" at a wedding

A beautiful bride and groom, an elegant room filled with stunning table decorations, guests dressed to the nines in black and white – and a young family covered in orange baby vomit.  In the seconds after Anderson projectile vomited orange all over the white linen table cloths, my bridesmaid dress and JC’s all black tuxedo at my brother and sister-in-laws wedding, I was reminded how babies and weddings don’t normally mix.

After a very long wedding day and a very full belly of milk, baby food and some soft fruit, Anderson had too much – and showed us that very clearly.  In a mad dash of concern and not wanting to cause a scene, JC scooped Anderson up to make sure she wasn’t choking while I attempted to clean up the scene of the baby disaster.  Thankfully, a very sweet waitress helped us quickly clean up.  Anderson was fine – already crawling on the floor and happy to be in her jammies.  As her Uncles would say she “puked and rallied.”  And only about half of the room knew that we had been “that” family – making a very dramatic scene at a beautiful event.

Family photo.

This was a short glimpse into our lives during the wedding weekend of my brother and sister-in-law in Chicago.  The weekend was a fun time, ending with the beautiful marriage ceremony and reception.  But weddings, like many other things in life, are much different than they used to be pre-baby. 

Anderson is a wonderful child.  I might be bragging a little, but I could not ask for a more laid back, go-with-the-flow child.  She is very happy and loves life – which showed during the long days and nights during the wedding weekend.

Miss A was a trooper, being shuffled between JC and I, grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and family friends.  She did it all with a big smile on her face too.  Even though Anderson won’t remember this special event in her Uncle and Aunt’s life, I know she will enjoy seeing pictures of herself dressed up like Uncle Ty in her tuxedo dress.

For any other families who may be taking babies to weddings here are some tips:

-Be cautioned that car seats don’t fit into limo’s or coach bus seats.  But do take lots of pictures.  How cool is it to take your first limo ride when you are nine months old?! 
-Make sure there is downtime for your baby to take naps.  Thankfully, Anderson got a short nap the morning of the wedding and one during part of the wedding ceremony.

-Also hope that your baby can sleep through loud noise.  (i.e. – reception).

-Have a change of clothes handy for baby, yourself and even others helping out with the baby.  Refer back to the throw up dilemma. 
Miss A with her new Aunt!
-If you don’t have a change of clothes, or are able to clean up, don’t stress about it.  People realize that you have a small child and being covered in baby food and other baby things (vomit) is pretty normal for parents with small children.

-Don’t worry about your child getting dirty.  We finally let Anderson crawl around on the floor and explore in a small area of the reception site.  Her knees and feet were very dirty, but she was happy to be able to be a baby for a while.

-Thank friends and family who offer to watch your sleeping baby while you enjoy the wedding fun.  Thanks Jacque!

-Have fun!  After Anderson “puked and rallied” we headed out to the dance floor and boogied until she fell asleep.  Also, remember that even the bad moments may turn into fun memories down the road. 

Despite our rather messy baby incident during the reception, we all had a really great time creating a special memory with Anderson and our family.  Thankfully, our family was very supportive and encouraged bringing Anderson along to all of the wedding events.  It didn’t turn out to be a picture perfect baby wedding debut, but it was a special day for all.  JC and I are grateful to Ty and Daniela for allowing the three of us to share in their special day.

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