Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Anniversary Getaway Misadventure

When a person becomes a parent every aspect of their life changes drastically.  Literally everything.  Relationships, sleep patterns (or lack of), eating patterns and interests are all things that have changed for me.

Before meeting Anderson I had the idea that I would still be able to have time to do “adult” things, like going to Broadway plays, concerts, eating at nice restaurants, or quick weekend getaways. 
Over a year into parenthood I can say we’ve checked two things off that list: visiting a nice restaurant a couple times over the year and (with the help of family) going away for a weekend trip.
Even away from your child, the duties of a parent don’t stop.  Case in point, a recent weekend getaway to Augusta, Missouri in celebration of JC and I’s five year wedding anniversary.
Five years of marriage is a big milestone.  To honor this milestone, we wanted to do something fun with each other.  With both of our busy work schedules and the daily demands of being a parent, we rarely get a time away from Miss A.  I wouldn’t want it any other way either.  I love spending every second of my free time with her.
JC had been planning our weekend anniversary trip to Augusta for a couple months.  He had checked out the fun stops along the wine trails and found a nice bed and breakfast to stay in. 
When we dropped off Anderson she wasn’t feeling great, but was still her happy self.  She was in capable hands, plus we were only going to be away for a couple nights.  Everything would be fine.
But it wasn’t.  Anderson ended up getting very sick with a terrible ear infection, and we made the decision to go home.  It wasn’t a difficult choice either.  When I heard her calling “mama” over the phone my heart broke and our car headed home.
Of course it is unfortunate that our weekend got cut short by a day, but as a parent I could not be away from my daughter while she was sick.  No matter how excited I was for the much needed “alone” time, nothing would have stopped me from getting home to take care of her. 
Despite having an abbreviated trip, and going home to a sick baby, the hubby and I were thankful for the short amount of time we did have together.  It had been ages since we were able to spend more than a couple hours alone doing something that we wanted to do together.
Over the past year I try to make a little time to enjoy “hobbies,” like reading, DIYing, or going on a short Netflix binge.  Those hobbies are much easier to do at home during nap time, or before crashing from exhaustion at the end of the day. 
My biggest and best “hobby” ever arrived on September 2nd when my little girl was born.  Who has time for adult hobbies when it is so much fun to laugh, make animal noises and have tea parties with an adorable one year old? 

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