Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Country Music, Mullets and Formal Wear .. One Doesn't Belong

Being the wife of a "local celebrity" brings with it opportunities to take part in some interesting and very nice events.  Most of these events are organized as fundraising banquets, which require patrons to dust off their formal dresses and black ties.  So when we were asked to attend a Heartland Heroes Banquet for the Red Cross recently I set out my long black dress in preparation.  

Whiskers and Tails, 2014
On the night of the event we were dressed to the 9s; however for some reason I had an intuition that I could possibly be over dressed.  That was a worry for me.   Being slightly overdressed is no big deal, but I would not be slightly overdressed.  Most people don't wear long, black formal dresses every day.

We pulled up to the venue and waited for a second as we watched another couple walk in.  They were dressed in professional wear, not formal wear.  

"Take me home to change," I told JC.  He had already been informed that if I was overdressed I was planning on going home to change.  He was a good sport, too.  He turned the car around for take two of clothes for the night without too many complaints.

After arriving at the venue for the second time I was very thankful I had changed.  Most of the people at the event were actually wearing jeans, so I was still a little overdressed in black pants and a blazer.  I would have stuck out like a sore thumb in a long black dress.

In hindsight we should have realized that our professional, and formal, wear was going to be a little over-the-top at this event.  The event was honoring local heroes for their acts of courage during dangerous situations, followed up by 90s country singer Joe Diffie.  The concert, in such an intimate setting, was actually really good.  I learned Joe Diffie had many more popular songs that I knew than I realized.  Plus, he was a really fun guy.

Overall, the Heartland Heros Banquet turned out to be a fun night and a nice change from other events we've attended.  Plus I also learned a couple lessons: 1.) don't trust your husband to find out the dress code of an event and 2.) when a 90s country singer, with a mullet is part of the evening, formal wear is probably the wrong choice.

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