Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Truly Wonderful 2nd Birthday - Final Thoughts

Almost two months have passed since Anderson’s 2nd birthday, so it’s time to wrap up the birthday fun with final pictures and thoughts on the food, décor and fun at her pink and gold Minnie birthday party.  I had planned on spending more time describing the details, and the many hours that went into the planning and execution of Miss A’s 2nd birthday, but work, family and life have gotten in the way of finding time to share all of the celebration fun.  So here goes some final thoughts ...

A couple months before Anderson's 2nd birthday I spent some time searching sites to find a pink and gold Minnie invitation.  Luckily, Etsy had a great invitation that was exactly what I was looking for.  The invitations were pink and gold with Minnie Mouse heads, and also came with cupcake toppers and food display tags – all of which were items that I used to add to the pink and gold Minnie décor on the day of the party.

The weeks leading up to the party were spent creating pink and gold Minnie décorations.  Another easy, and fairly, quick project was decorating a number “2” in pink paper and ribbon to sit on the mantel.  It only took one episode of “Real Housewives of New York” to finish this project. 

As for the silly Styrofoam Minnie centerpieces, it took many episodes of Bravo reality shows to completely finish these lovely decorations.  I spray painted Styrofoam balls for hours, and then after drying would notice they had shriveled up to about half the size.  Our new neighbors probably re-thought the purchase of their house overhearing a conversation about the shriveling Styrofoam balls between JC and I.  After many coats of spray paint on those despised Styrofoam balls, and planters, and hot gluing my fingers together multiple times making ribbons, the final product was finally done.  As a reminder to myself that I can be crafty, and also patient, when needed, I kept the Minnie Mouse head centerpieces and have a couple displayed in Anderson’s new playroom.

Family members pitched in to help with the decorations for the celebration.  The pink and gold Minnie banner across the mantel (in the picture above) was made by Anderson's creative Mimi (my Mom)for our birthday girl.  My talented sister-in-law also made the "Welcome" sign for the celebration.  It is now displayed on the door leading into Anderson’s new play room. 

A Minnie Mouse head birthday cake, and Minnie -themed food, finished out the preparations for a very successful party.

The person the birthday party was all about, Miss A, was dressed in the cutest birthday outfit.  She had a pink and gold Minnie "2" shirt with glitter gold shorts.  She looked absolutely adorable and the outfit totally fit our little diva. 

Even though preparations for this 2nd birthday party were much more stressful due to other events going on the weekends leading up to the birthday, it was, in my opinion, an even better party than Miss A’s first.  Maybe because she could actually understand the party was for her.  Or maybe because of her excitement after seeing all of the Minnie decorations; whatever the reason was, Anderson’s 2nd birthday was a truly wonderful day to be her Mommy.

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