Monday, September 5, 2016

In Celebration of Pool Moms and Dads

The passing of Labor Day weekend marks the end of another pool season.  
The past two summers most of our weekends have been spent at a local pool.  We've had many fun, hot days splashing around at the pool with our toddler, introducing her to the water.  We saw her become very brave as she waddled around the pool last year as a one-year-old, and then become a little not-so-brave this year.  Getting her head wet at the pool, which is pretty much inevitable, was a life shattering event for our little girl.  Despite all the meltdowns, sticky fingers from the daily pool treat, and trips home from the pool after realizing we forgot the "floating thing," our family enjoyed, for the most part, every hot summer minute at the pool.  

As swimming season is wrapping up, I can't help but reflect on my pool days - and take note of the different types of pool Moms and Dads  For example:

Playing in the Pool Moms:  This is the category I fall into.  Going to the pool is an aerobic exercise with a toddler.  This type of pool Mom is in the pool with their child the whole time, or chasing said toddler around the pool the whole day.  This type of Mom never wears make up to the pool as she is wearing silly swim goggles, diving for rings and jumping off the side of the pool ledge.  The "playing in the pool" Mom tends to attract the other children who have "sunbathing" moms.

Sunbathing Moms: The "sunbathing" Mom scopes out the best spot for getting a tan at the pool and sends the kids off to play.  The pool is their babysitter.  The "sunbathing" Mom usually has older kids who can fend for themselves.  Magazines, books and sunglasses are what makes up the pool bags of these Moms.

Pool Ledge Moms: The "pool ledge" Moms fall right between the "playing in the pool" Moms and "sunbathing" moms.  These Moms are very watchful of their kids, but don't really want to get into the pool and risk getting their hair wet, most days.  Children of "pool ledge" Moms tend to latch on to "playing in the pool" Moms.  

And finally .... Dads.

Dads are usually the kings of the pool, because let's be honest, most Dads would rather be on the golf course than spending a day chasing their kids around the pool.  The Dads that do go to the pool are the kings because they are the minority of the pool population.  They are also able to throw kids into the air and fall into the pool, aren't ashamed to do an awesome belly-flop or can opener off the diving board, and will definitely spend hours playing catch - all of which some Moms cannot, or will not, do.  All pool Moms look on fondly at the pool Dads, because on some days, it is a rare sight.  

As summer comes to a close, I celebrate all pool Moms and Dads for surviving another successful summer season of pool days with only a few minor sunburns, scraps from kids running too fast around the pool and tears from getting water on their head. Only another nine months until next pool season, so relax, and rest up!

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