Friday, September 30, 2011

The road you travel may not always be perfect.

The season premiere of "Mike and Molly" depicted something that is very common for many people while traveling: a crisis.  In the show, Mike goes on a "guy's only" camping trip with some friends.  All of the men are fishing in the middle of a lake when Mike (who is a rather large man) stands up and moves to one side of the boat.  This causes the boat to quickly fill with water -- ultimately sinking the vessel.

We all know this is not likely to happen on a family camping trip.  This was written into the show for comic relief.  However the point of the scene is illustrated well.  It is easy for a highly anticipated and planned trip to quickly become disastrous.  Believe me I have also had my fair share of disastrous traveling experiences.  My husband and I had a near disastrous Honeymoon two years ago.  Let's just say we know now to make sure we read, and re-read, the flight information boards and always go to our airplane's terminal before venturing out for food!

The message I'm trying to bring home to you through this post is this: traveling, and life in general, is not always perfect.  People are bound to get flat tires, come across rude people or be forced to sit through a two hour rain delay during the Cubs game.  The imperfect memories are likely ones that will ultimately make the trip even more memorable, and a lesson could be learned after experiencing the mishap.  Life is messy -- you choose to make it what you want.  

I am choosing to share with you my traveling insights, foodie thoughts, entertainment takes and much more in this blog.   

Here is a link to watch clips from "Mike and Molly"

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