Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wino Weekend

Palestine, IL: population 1,300.  Your typical small-town U.S.A. -- not a place where one would expect to find a wine festival.  But a wine festival is exactly the reason why my husband, parents and I ended up visited this small town.

Through word-of-mouth I found out about the "Wabash Valley Wine and Arts Festival," and since I am a big wino I decided to check out this interesting fall event.  Our caravan of wine goers were not sure where the festival was -- but quickly found the event on the old downtown portion of the town.  The festival took up about two blocks, the entire downtown strip.  A $15 commerorative wine glass was your ticket to unlimited wine tasting from the 12 wineries participating in the event.  Myself and my fellow winos tasted a good portion of the wine's available -- many wines from wineries I have never visited.  Food and arts and crafts vendors were also on hand.

Another part of the festival, which was unexpected, was the historic feel of downtown Palestine.  This picture was taken on a corner of the downtown strip.  It is the location of an old Opera house -- which is now a desserts only restaurant.  And if you are an antiques lover, Palestine is a great place to stop.  There were many antiques and craft shops in the downtown area.  This is an image of one of the displays outside of one of the antiques shops.

 So for my fellow wine lovers, it's definitely worth the drive to check out this small-town wine and arts festival.  Pack a small picnic basket and be ready to taste a wide variety of wines.  If you want to save a couple dollars you can pre-order your commemorative glass.  To check out more about the "Wabash Valley Wine and Arts Festival" check out the website at this link 

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