Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Furry Friends, Football & Food

This weekend began the start of some of my favorite Fall traditions.  It began waking up early Saturday morning to crisp, chilly weather.  The family was headed up to Fairview Park to partake in the Fido Scurry events, so I trudged down to the basement to scour boxes, looking for hoodies.  The early morning scavenger hunt wasn't the way I wanted to start my morning, but breaking out a hoodie for the first time this Fall was well-worth the early morning search.

Fido Scurry is an event for the Decatur & Macon County Animal Shelter Foundation.  The annual event features a run and walk along with a blessing of the dogs and pet parade.  This year's theme was a Beach/Hawaiian theme.  Dogs and their owners were dressed up as mermaids, pirates and fish -- it was a fun scene. 

JC and I did not walk or run, but wanted to check out the events to support the Animal Shelter and let Wrigley bond with other animals.  Wrigley loved getting out and visiting all of the pets.  He even hung out with Radar (AKA his Uncle Bubba)!

Wrigley, JC and Radar!

Since moving back to Decatur I've really taken notice of all of the events happening on the weekends -- especially the pet centered events.  Decatur is a great community for dogs and pet owners.  Many fundraisers and events take place throughout the year to support various Animal Shelters and other pet organizations.  This coming weekend JC and I are attending another pet-centered fundraiser, the Whiskers and Tails event at the Decatur Country Club.

Sunday brought another chilly, fall-like morning, and the much anticipated Chicago Bears game.  I'm not a huge football fan, but I enjoy the excitement and participating in the football festivities.

To kick off football season I prepared a few easy, delicious snacks for JC and I and a few friends that came over to watch the game.  Both snacks were a hit, despite one snack having a not-so-flattering name.  I'm looking forward to trying out a few new football Sunday snacks this season and enjoying many more "fall" fun activities.

Football Recipes:

Pizza Roll-Ups
Crescent Rolls
Pizza Sauce
Mozzarella Cheese

Unroll crescent rolls and seperate into 8 triangles.  Place slices of pepperoni, pizza sauce and cheese on each crescent roll. Bake for 12-15 minutes or until golden brown. 
*Recipe from Pinterest.

Shit Dip
1 pound of hamburger
1 pound of Velvetta
small onion
Rotell tomato and chili
Cream of mushroom soup
salt and pepper

Cook hamburger and onion, drain excess grease.  Add cubed Velvetta to skillet on medium heat.  Once cheese is melted add Rotell, Cream of Mushroom soup and salt and pepper. 
*Recipe from Family Friend. 

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