Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall Fun: Boo at the Zoo

Witches, princesses, ninjas and camels? It might seem like a wacky combination, but every year hundreds of children get all dressed up in these costumes to partake in trick or treat activities alongside the animals at Scovill Zoo in Decatur.

For the past few years, JC has volunteered at Boo at the Zoo through the TV station.  This year he signed me up to help out as well.

As a volunteer, my night at Boo at the Zoo was not ideal. The weather decided to drop about 30 degrees, making passing out candy and having fun with the kids a very cold activity. Despite the chilly temperatures, there were many families that brought their children out for the fun event. It costs $4 to trick or treat at stations set up all over the zoo. We had candy at our station which was situated by the camels and petting zoo.  The camels hung out nearby for awhile before it got dark.  Other stations around the zoo had peanuts, Halloween toys and more.  There was also a "Haunted Halloween" ride people could check out.  We heard the screams of people on the "Haunted Halloween" ride all night.   

JC was still technically working, which means he had to do live shots from the event.  He found an adorable little "Thomas the Train" guy to interview.  Click on this link to watch the interview during Boo at the Zoo.

The thing I was most impressed with at Boo at the Zoo was the carved pumpkins. There were probably hundreds of carved pumpkins throughout the grounds and each pumpkin was carved in a different way. I noticed an elephant, giraffe and cat.  Volunteers and staff carve all of the pumpkins a few days before Boo at the Zoo begins. 

Boo at the Zoo happens every year from October 19th through the 31st. 

Happy Halloween!


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