Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Fun: Curtis Orchard

“Next to home, there's no place like Curtis Orchard.”

This weekend JC and I took part in another fall activity in Central Illinois: visiting Curtis Orchard in Champaign. Unfortunately, the weatherman had no powers over the weather on Saturday. Rain beat down throughout Central Illinois all morning and into the early afternoon, making for a muddy and hair-ruining visit to the orchard.

Despite my muddy shoes and now-crazy hair during the visit, the orchard turned out to be a cute, small little Central Illinois jewel. The orchard has a “Wizard of Oz” theme through most of the grounds. We walked over the “yellow brick road” to get to the main area of the orchard. There we found a small petting zoo and play area for toddlers set up to one side of the orchard upon entering the grounds.

 Then we walked through the gift shop to get to the orchard and Pumpkin Patch. A huge sculpture sits to one side of the farm grounds, while the other side leads to a long path to the pumpkin patch. JC and I clomped and navigated our way through the muddy path to the pumpkins. Along the way we passed kids covered in mud, pulling little red wagons filled with mud-covered pumpkins. After a few minutes we finally made it to the pumpkin patch. Since we had purchased our pumpkins a few weeks before at the Great Pumpkin Patch, we decided to observe the patch in a mud-free zone.

Before leaving Curtis Orchard we grabbed some Apple Cider and tried some delicious Apple and Peanut Butter. At the last minute, JC and I decided to indulge in another sweet treat: an apple doughnut. It was delicious and well-worth the extra calories.

Apple Doughnuts
Here are a few of the best things I thought Curtis Orchard had to offer:
-Free admission
-Great play area and petting zoo for kids.
-Great fall treats (apple cider, apple butter, apple doughnuts and the list goes on...)


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