Thursday, May 9, 2013

Homeowners, Take Two

 With the discovery of a new addition to the family, JC and I decided it was time to start the home-buying process again. We wanted to bring the baby home to a place that we had made our own and really felt like a “home” rather than a rental house.

So off we were, starting the home-searching process once again. To say we were a little apprehensive about buying another home was an understatement. Both our purchase and sale of our home in Mattoon were not easy processes. With those negative memories lingering over us, we started heading out every Sunday to open houses. Once the reality of our soon-to-be bundle of joy hit us we contacted a realtor and really hit the ground running with the search process.

We looked at three homes with our realtor and ended up liking one of the homes in a nicer area near Lake Decatur. We knew we had our work cut out for us with this house when it came to home renovation projects, but it felt like home when we were touring it. We decided to take the plunge.

Fast forward four months and we are now living in the house. So far we have done a lot of painting, installing new lighting/fans and ripping up old carpets to reveal beautiful hardwood floors.

Before Master Bedroom

After bedroom.
Stairway renovation in progress.
The latest project has been the most challenging by far: installing a privacy fence. Let’s just say installing fences is back breaking work. Definitely a project that was much harder, physically and mentally, than JC or I had anticipated. Wrigley better appreciate all of this hardwork!

We still have a long list of projects we are hoping to tackle, but already the house feels like our own and I look forward to making many memories with my growing family here.

If you have any home renovation advice or words of wisdom feel free to share them!

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