Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pregnant on Mother's Day: Should I Celebrate?

Should pregnant soon-to-be mothers celebrate Mother’s Day?

It was a question I came across this week scanning the national news, and something that got me thinking since I fall into this category now.

Luckily, I have a good husband who takes note of these holidays and what they mean. He had already informed me when we were out shopping for our own mom’s that I would be getting a Mother’s Day gift as well. I kind of brushed off the idea, but did mention that I thought the gesture was very nice; however a lavish gift wasn’t necessary. A card or something small would work. 

After reading the article my opinion on this matter became a little stronger. According to the article, most pregnant women think their partner should do something to make the holiday special. Even though their child is not born yet, many pregnant women, like myself, already feel bonded with their child and have implemented their “motherly” instincts. Not to mention the fact that they are the sole person in charge of feeding, helping the child develop and come into the world a healthy new person. In my opinion, that deserves a huge celebration!
Celebrating 22 weeks of pregnancy with Mother's Day!
The majority of the comments people posted about the article agreed that pregnant women should celebrate Mother’s Day.  The few people who were against pregnant women celebrating Mother's Day said it was because they did not believe they were mothers until the baby entered the world.

To me, pregnancy and the sacrifices that pregnant women make to bring their children into the world deserves a celebration whether it be the first child or fifth child. I know I still have thousands of things to learn and experience as a mother; however I know what it feels like to rub my belly and feel my little bundle of joy kick back in greeting. Or to have a hard time falling asleep at night because my baby decided to have a dance party at 11 o’clock at night in my belly and it feels like he or she is going to dance right out of my belly. Or to question everything I consume, thinking that this may somehow negatively affect my baby. All of those motherly things, and more, I know and feel without holding a baby in my arms, but on the inside of my belly. 

Mother's Day with my Mom and brother.
To all the Mothers, "Happy Mother's Day."  You have the most important job in the world and I'm excited to be joining the "Motherhood Club!" 


  1. I did when i was pregnant with my first child.

    1. Hi Terry! Thanks for the feedback. I'm with you and celebrated the day as well. Most of the other soon-to-be Mom's I know celebrated as well!