Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Our "Fun" Baby Before Baby Bucket List

Cribs, strollers, pediatricians, daycare and saving for college.  The list of things that need to be done to prepare for a baby almost seems endless.  Even though JC and I have been diligently checking off items on our "before baby to-do list," there are still so many things to do in such a short amount of time now.  All of these tedious tasks somewhat take away from the fun things to do as a couple, and as new mothers and fathers-to-be.

Setting my "before baby to-do list" aside I found some fun, memorable things to create for Baby Fultz before he or she makes their entrance into the world in September.

1.)  Write letters to Baby.  I've heard of some people creating email accounts and emailing letters to their unborn child for them to read when they get older.  I know "snail mail" is now a thing of the past, but as a child I loved receiving letters in the mail.  By the time Baby Fultz gets old enough to read and understand the letters "snail mail" will be an almost forgotten form of communication.  For this reason, I plan on handwriting a few letters to Baby Fultz for them to read when they are older.

2.)  Create a flip book of my belly.  I've been consistent with taking a picture beside a chalkboard each week, marking the week and fruit that represents the size of Baby Fultz.  I plan on printing out each week's picture and creating this flip book.  This will be fun for our child to look back on and see how they grew in my belly. 

24 weeks and the baby is stealing my brain cells - misspelled cantaloupe!

3.)  Create a time capsule as a couple.  We plan on picking a day and putting a few items in a small box to create a time capsule.  A picture of JC, Wrigley and I, the newspaper headlines, and some other significant things to us will go into the box.  I don't plan on burying the box, but when our child is older it will be fun to open up the box and see all of the things that were special to JC and I the summer before he or she was born.

Because the list of "before baby to-do" items is fairly long, and much more important that the crafty, fun items, I've limited myself to just a few fun things to try to accomplish.  I hope between working full time, housework, exercising, doctor's appointments and relaxation time I will get around to accomplishing these "fun" things.  They will be great to look back on in a few years when Baby Fultz is old enough to value these momentos.

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