Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Enjoying Summer Baseball Pregnant!

Attend a minor or major league baseball game. Check!
One of our “Fun Before Baby Bucket list” items was checked off this weekend when JC and I drove up to Normal to watch the Normal Cornbelters baseball game.
This was our first time to attend a game there. It is a small organization in the Frontier league, but the stadium was very nice and the tickets were very cheap! It is a really fun, family atmosphere with on-field games for kids and a free T-shirt promotion upon entering the ballpark. We didn’t arrive until right at game time, but still got great seats right behind home plate. I think the rainy, chilly weather helped with that added bonus for the night.
The baby is not only changing my body and our family dynamics, but also our “Fun” activities. The Cornbelters had a certain type of beer vendor which just happens to be JC’s favorite. Normally, we both would have indulged in a drink. This time, with me very pregnant, we chose water instead.
Another baseball favorite of mine that we opted not to purchase: hot dogs. There’s nothing like a hotdog and beer at a baseball game. Since research recommends pregnant women to stay away from hot dogs and other similar foods because they contain nitrates, we chose nachos.
I do have to admit, I did miss being able to have my favorite baseball treats; however JC is a good sport with all of these restrictions I have to deal with for our baby. He too has been mindful of what I cannot have now and chooses not to have those things in front of me. He will still eat hotdogs for lunch often, and have a beer at night every so often, but those are times when I am either at work, or already in bed. Having a husband who’s supportive and willing to join in the sacrifices in some way makes all of these changes a little easier to deal with.
But you can bet the first baseball game I get to once Baby Fultz is not residing in my belly I will be getting a jumbo hotdog and stadium beer!

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