Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Baby's First: Boo at the Zoo

Pumpkins, penguins and a pretty little strawberry!

Anderson's first Halloween.
To celebrate Halloween this year our newly expanded family dressed up Anderson as a sweet strawberry and headed to the Scovill Zoo in Decatur for "Boo at the Zoo and Penguins Too!" Despite the cold weather, the event had huge crowds of people travel in town to check out the Halloween fun and see the new penguin display.

Even though our little strawberry is too little to enjoy the sweet treats given out at the Zoo, JC and I couldn’t pass them up and collected candy, and some other items, at the various treat stops throughout the Zoo. Candy, Halloween stickers and tattoos, glow sticks and spider jewelry were some of the prizes that kids, and adults, filled up their Halloween treat bags with as they walked along the pumpkin-carved paths.

Family picture!

New penguins at Scovill Zoo
Being a new Mommy, I loved seeing all of the kids dressed up in a variety of outfits. There were also many little faces filled with fascination when walking upon the penguin exhibit. The new zoo animals were beautiful and completely mesmerizing to watch swim through the water and waddle around their new habitat.

This year’s visit to Boo at the Zoo won’t be one that Miss Anderson will remember, but it will most definitely be one that her Dad and I will. This event has now become a Fall tradition for our family – and an event that I look forward to each Fall.

Being cute is hard work!

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