Monday, November 4, 2013

Working Mommy

Eight weeks.  It seems like a long time.  But looking back at my two month maternity leave I spent at home with my daughter, I realize it was definitely not long enough.

Before Anderson arrived I never thought I wanted to be a stay at home mom.  I was sure I would be happy to stay in the workforce, putting my college degree to use.  I have always enjoyed being around people, wearing something besides sweatpants, and being creative.  Now after being back at work for a week, I realize that mothers who get to stay at home have the best job and are extremely lucky. 

While on maternity leave there were many days that would be filled with smiles, cuddles and lots of naps; however there were other days that were filled with many cries, blow-out diapers and spit up.  No matter what the day brought, I tried to cherish every moment because I knew that I only had a short time with my days spent dedicated to Anderson.

The transition back to work has been okay for all of us.  The baby-sitter is working out well and I’m getting back into the swing of sitting behind a computer for a good portion of my day.  Even though things are working out fine, it doesn’t mean I don’t miss her every day.  I hope that I will still be able to witness her first time rolling over, the first belly laugh and the many other "firsts" developmental milestones she will experience over the next few years.

If I had to rewind the clock and re-do my maternity leave I would do a few things a little differently.  I would be less concerned with getting the laundry and dishes washed and the house cleaned and more concerned about being lazy and sucking in every moment of my mommy-daughter time.  I would make sure to show her off to visitors, but be okay with declining visits to be able to carve out more time for myself to spend with our baby.  I’ve realized even though I may live in the same house with her, I only get to know her as an infant for a short time – and time goes by so quickly.

So as I continue my journey as a working woman, and now working mommy, I join a new group of women who try to do it all at home and from the office.  Of course there's a little help along, such as caffeinated drinks and dark eye makeup to hide marks of sleepless nights.  Returning to work has made me appreciate my mother even more.  She did it all, working all of her adult life while raising two children (and doing a great job at it). 

Full of smiles for Mom!
I also try to remember a piece of advice a good friend told me, that being a working Mom will only make every moment spent with your child that much more special.  I have found her words of advice so true, especially when I get to go home after work and cuddle with my sweet daughter.  I cherish those moments of mommy-daughter time!

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