Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Baby's First: Halloween

After two months of being a new Mommy, I’ve learned that holiday’s aren’t for children the first year – but more for the parents.  A prime example of this is Halloween.  Anderson can’t eat candy or enjoy other prizes, nor can she pick out a cute costume to wear.  Her Dad and I get the fun of doing both of those activities this first year.

With the freedom of playing dress up with my cute baby girl for Halloween we chose a sweet strawberry costume.  She didn’t hate it, but she certainly didn’t love it.  Anderson played along with us as we dressed her up – even allowing us to put the silly stem hat on her to complete the outfit.  After about an hour of visiting a few houses and looking sweetly plump in her strawberry outfit she was over Halloween.  Cries and her signature stiff legged pose came out to show her displeasure over still being dressed up in her silly Halloween costume.

JC and I loved showing her off and really relished in our new Halloween fun as parents.  We even got a Halloween treat bag sent home with us from one house and a few other adult treats at the other two stops we made. 
Even though Miss A won’t remember this holiday, and will most likely think we are so lame because we dressed her up in this costume, this Halloween was one that JC and I will always remember.

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