Monday, December 2, 2013

EIU Homecoming: Then & Now

While I was a student at Eastern Illinois University, and shortly after graduating, homecoming was always a very fun time to celebrate with friends.  It normally included an early morning college-typical breakfast of sorts, parade watching, football tailgating and then a short glimpse of the game before heading home to take a nap.  Many fun memories were made during these homecoming celebrations.

This year’s trip to EIU for the homecoming celebration was very different. 

Instead of getting up early to partake in the homecoming breakfasts we got up early to give Anderson her breakfast bottle, while we shoved some sort of breakfast type food into our mouths as we ran out the door. 

Instead of watching the parade in a “happy” state of mood, we giggled at the college students following in our alumni footsteps acting silly as they dove for beads and shot glasses.

EIU Tradition: Riding the Panther at Marty's

 Instead of having no idea what types of floats and groups paraded through town, despite watching the entire thing, we were surprised to see that the Homecoming parade was actually really disappointing and had very little school-related floats.

Instead of celebrating with “spirits” and friends tailgating before the game, we used the back of our SUV as a diaper changing station, went shopping for EIU baby clothes and hats and hit up the quiet alumni tents for free food.

Chugging a bottle of milk!
Instead of watching the football game, I spent the day with my baby and Mom – while Dad and Grandpa watched the game.

Instead of getting an afternoon nap, I made sure someone else took a nap.

Instead of getting dressed up for a night out, we packed up our SUV after pizza at Jerry’s and headed home around 6 o’clock.

Even though we celebrated Homecoming in a completely different way than as EIU students, it was still a great, memorable experience.  It was probably the most exhausting Homecoming as well!  If we hadn’t already realized before now, life as a parent is completely different than life as a childless couple.

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