Thursday, March 27, 2014

Winter Weather Widow

What seemed like never-ending piles of snow and bitterly cold temperatures.  Days spent cooped up in the house, trying to stay warm.  That was our winter in the Midwest. 

Those days spent snowed in were great as I got to spend a lot of quality time with my daughter – much of that time I normally would have spent behind my desk at work.  On the other hand, those days were very difficult as I learned, for a short time, the struggles of being a single parent.
Snuggled up in bed for breakfast.
When most people are making preparations for an extended period stuck at home during winter weather, I’m preparing to spend the next few days as a solo parent.  Because of JC’s job as a Meteorologist, during winter weather, tornadoes, floods or any of Mother Nature’s other weather wonders, he is required to be at work reporting on the weather event.  We are lucky that he doesn't have to spend extended periods of time outside or in dangerous situations like emergency workers, but the time away still comes at a cost to our family.
Before our sweet baby girl arrived, this was an exciting event for JC.  During the slow, boring days of fall he would look forward to being challenged forecasting snow and ice totals.  This year, however, that changed a little, especially when he spent nearly 72 hours straight at the station reporting and forecasting the winter weather.

Snow days are so much fun!
This isn’t the first time he’s spent days away from home due to winter weather events, and likely won’t be the last time.  It does get frustrating to constantly be at the mercy of Mother Nature, but I did know what I was getting into when I married a Meteorologist.  Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t stop when a little baby arrives.  It just makes it harder for both JC and I to deal with the not-so-fun parts of his job.

Sporting my EIU sweatshirt to stay warm.

During those long, cold days alone with an infant and very energetic dog, I learned to appreciate the tremendous help of having a partner to assist with parenting duties.  Being alone for just a few days doesn’t even compare to any of the challenges a single parent faces daily, but it made me appreciate the great job that single parents have.  It also made me thankful to have such a hands on Dad as a husband.  I never realized how much of the parenting duties he took on until he wasn't around.
I also learned to embrace my independence and become even more self-reliant.  Anderson, Wrigley and I have huddled downstairs in the basement during tornadoes, in bed when the heat has gone out and spent a few nights alone watching the snow fall. 
We all know that there will be many more days spent alone waiting out the weather in the basement or cuddled under a blanket.  This winter was a big challenge for everyone in our family.  If we can get through this tough winter, we can make it through other weather events just fine; however I know we are all hoping for some bright, sunny, calm weather forecasted for this summer. 

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