Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lessons Learned While Away from Baby A

Our first family mini-vacation in February to Washington, D.C. not only marked our first travel adventure, but also marked my first time away from Baby A.  I was excited about being able to experience a new city with my new family; however I was also very nervous, scared and emotional about being away from the little one for the final leg of the trip.

As the weekend wilted away I became sadder about being left behind.  I was also nervous for JC as he was going to be flying home with our then 5 month old baby alone, traveling through a new airport.

The morning of their departure arrived.  I woke up with a knot of emotions in my stomach.  We all walked down to the lobby.  I hugged and kissed my baby and husband, while trying to hold back tears as I watched them pull away from the hotel curb.  Even as I write this now I get teary-eyed thinking back to this moment.  It was hard.  I had to stop by the bathroom before entering the conference to compose myself.
The next three days passed fairly quickly.  I was busy learning, meeting people and spending time with friends and colleagues.  I, of course, missed my family at home, but it was such a luxury to be able to sleep in until 8 a.m. or eat dinner at a restaurant without having to plan ahead for what baby might need during the outing.  I was able to lie in bed watching Netflix during my downtime and actually stay out socializing past 9 o’clock!
Every day I spent time on the phone or Facetime chatting with my family back home.  During those moments, I missed them the most.  But it was worth the heartache to see the beautiful smile on my baby’s face.

There were a few things this trip made me realize:
1.) Time away is good and needed.  After the trip I was so excited to see my family.  It made me energized to spend nights up with a cranky baby or tackle the loads of laundry I was likely going home to. 

2.)  I also saw how important it is to spend time doing things for me.  As a working Mom I sometimes struggle with this balance.  I cherish the moments I have with Miss A and feel guilty if I decide to go to lunch with a girlfriend or get a pedicure.  The precious time on the weekend is the most time I get with her each week.  I realized an hour or two away from Anderson for “me” time is something that is deserved and needed every once in a while. 

3.)  I don’t miss life as a “single” person.  Those luxuries from my “single” life are nice, but being a parent is so much better.  I love waking up early because it means I’m waking up to a precious little girl who always has a smile and hug for me – and the downtime I had I usually got a little bored.  Life is so much more interesting and fun with a little one.  I wouldn’t trade being a Mommy for anything.

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