Friday, May 16, 2014

Celebrating my first Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is definitely not a so-called “Hallmark holiday.”  If I’m completely honest though, I never truly understood the Mother’s Day holiday until I became a Mother, or like last year, was about to become a Mom. 

I remember asking my Mom one Mother’s Day why there was a special day for her and my Dad.  My rational was that there should also be a day dedicated to celebrating kids too.  My Mom, knowing my childhood innocence, said I would understand one day that as a child we are celebrated every day.
Best friends.  Mimi and Anderson.
Now I understand.  With that understanding comes an even deeper appreciation for my Mom.
In today’s society Moms have such a heavy burden to carry.  Media puts so much pressure on us to “do it all,” while still having an awesome post-baby body.  Then these articles touting their tips for getting your pre-baby body back asks you, “What’s your excuse” for not getting in shape or organizing and DIYing everything in your house.

Well, my excuse is that I have an 8 ½ month old at home who is crawling, climbing and standing on wobbly legs, needing my constant attention and care after I get home from working and commuting for nine hours out of the day. 

My excuse is that my husband is working six days a week (sometimes more) – meaning I’m working six days or more a week. 

My excuse is that I need sleep, more than I need my pre-baby body back. 
My excuse is that I can’t do it all, and I’ve realized that is okay.  If the house is dirty, or I don’t have the energy to do anything besides veg out on the couch watching Netflix marathons once the baby goes to bed, that is okay. 

As Mothers we need to appreciate ourselves and give ourselves a break.  We are all doing the best we can. 
Family visit to Scovill Zoo for Mother's Day.
First Mother's Day with Miss A.

As a new Mom, everything in my life has changed from the morning routine, to how I eat meals (in a rush) and how I think about things.  My daughter has taken center stage in my life.  I now put her needs and wants well ahead of mine, where her Father has stood for years now. 

Even though she is still an infant she shows me her appreciation in little ways.  The smiles and laughter at my silly faces or when I get home from work every day or the cuddles when I get her up in the morning.  I know I’m loved by Miss A completely trusting me as she begins to stand up while I stand guard, and saying “ma ma” as her first word. 

These small gestures of appreciation and love make the late nights, early mornings and other struggles so worth it as a Mother.  I know if I don’t measure up to what the media thinks is the “perfect Mom” that’s okay because I measure up to what Miss A needs in her Mommy.  And that’s what truly matters.
Thanks for letting me be your Momma Miss A!  You are truly a gift and I will do my best to follow Mimi's advice by celebrating you every day!

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