Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Trip for "Us"

In the months of preparation for our baby over nine months ago now, JC and I talked about all things baby.  We did not take our impending new job as parents lightly.  Planning and education was our way of coping with the excitement and nerves that came along with becoming parents.

In the midst of all the baby preparation, we also talked about how we wanted to maintain our relationship as it evolved into something new once a little person was added to the mix.  Date nights, continuing to travel and taking time for ourselves was, and still is, important to us to maintain our well-being as individuals, a couple and parents.
We’ve really tried our hardest to stick to our “parent plan.”  It is not always the easiest task though; especially of late with work obligations for both of us.

Forsyth Park in Savannah, Georgia.
When an opportunity arose for a short weekend trip to one of my favorite places in the country, Savannah, Georgia, with some good friends, we couldn’t pass the opportunity up.

As the days leading up to the trip dwindled I was very excited, but also sad to leave Miss A for a couple days.  Even though I knew she would be in good hands, this was going to be the longest amount of time both JC and I had been away from her. 

Now the trip has come and gone.  I was so happy to get back to my sweet, smiley girl, and I think she was happy to see us too! 

Being away from Miss A, I did realize that it is okay to want to go on an adult’s only trip or to spend time away from the baby.  Many people I’ve spoken with are surprised we left Miss A behind, almost bragging that they’ve never left their children and the kid is three years old.  Deciding to spend a little time off of parent duty doesn’t make me a bad parent.

Before the little one came along we did have a life that was actually really fun.  If the next 17 years goes by as quickly as the first nine months has, before we know it I’m going to be an empty nester.  Maintaining friendships and relationships outside of Mom duty is a healthy thing to do.
Plus, the time away allowed me to recharge my battery.  Having a nine month old baby is exhausting.  I don’t need to exercise anymore.  I get all of my cardio in chasing after my quick little girl.  This short trip allowed me to sleep in (a little) and relax for more than ten minutes a day.

Also, having a child shouldn’t mean that I can’t enjoy one of my favorite things in the world: traveling.  I loved traveling with Miss A to D.C. this winter.  We had a wonderful time.  But it is easier traveling when you are only responsible for yourself and not lugging around a stroller.  Plus we were able to make our own schedule, rather than scheduling activities around the baby’s daily needs.
I know these types of trips are no longer going to be a common thing for JC and me.  We will do what we can to maintain our relationship, and those of friends, and cherish those moments of “adult” time.  But above all else is our daughter.  She really is the person I want to spend all my time with, which is why the lack of “adult” trips won’t be missed too much.  Plus, I love zoos.  And going to bed by 8 o’clock every night is completely fine by me too!  Bring on the family fun!

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