Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Baby's First Chicago Cubs Game

It’s one of our favorite places on earth.  The streets are crowded with fans, the smell of hotdogs and popcorn is in the air, and cheers of Cubs fans are heard for blocks away.

This summer we took Anderson to her first Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley field.  Being loyal Cubs fans means we try to make it to Wrigley once a year for a game.  There’s nothing like Wrigley Field to us.  No matter where your seats are, or how terribly the Cubbies are getting beat, baseball games are such a fun, memorable event at the Friendly Confines.
Weather in Chicago can be a little interesting to say the least.  On game day we were somewhat surprised when we were wearing jackets and bundled up in blankets during our middle of June Cubs experience.  Despite the cold weather, Anderson was a trooper and had fun watching people, and her team play the Pirates.
Even though our family is extremely loyal to the Cubs, when compared to other baseball stadiums, the Friendly Confines ranks well below in “family friendliness.” 
Here’s why:
-Be ready to stand in a long line for the bathrooms!  The bathrooms have been updated and are much nicer than before though.
-There are no (or very few) “family bathroom” facilities.  JC did a Dad magic act and changed Miss A in a bathroom stall.
-There are not too many places to go to get out of any inclement weather.  There are awnings over some seats to protect from the rain, but be prepared to pack any items to help deal with the outdoors.  For us this would have been pants, jackets and blankets. 
-Strollers are pretty much not going to happen in Wrigley Field, unless you have the small, compact kind – and even then you might have some trouble finding a place to store the stroller.
-Be prepared (or prepare those in attendance with you) to leave a few innings early.  The crowds, and smaller stadium, make it hard to maneuver around with a baby.  Waiting until the mass exodus at the end of the game would be a recipe for disaster, even though this unfortunately means you miss being able to sing "Go Cubs Go."

Like most things in life now, going to Wrigley Field is no longer the same as it was pre-baby.  Our pre-game experience now includes bottles, diapers and handling baby preparations; a far cry from the Chicago hotdogs, pre-game drinks and laughs with friends.  The added stress of bringing a little one to her first Cubs game was so worth it as we were able to share another special moment with our little girl.  As our year of “firsts” is coming to an end, these last few experiences are cherished that much more.

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