Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tybee Island, Georgia: Sandstorms and Seafood

Tybee Island is a small island right next to Savannah, Georgia.  This island has very clean, pretty beaches, most of the time.  During our trip out to the island for the “Golden Birthday” celebration in May it was also the site of my first experience in a sand storm. 

We really weren’t in the middle of a sand storm, but it sure felt like it.  The good weather did not coincide with our trip itenirary.  Our beach day resulted in very high winds and lots of clouds.  You would think being married to weatherman would mean I would have all of my weather wishes granted.  Unfortunately, that's not the case.  Despite the windy weather, we decided to head out to the beach since our friends had never visited before.
JC and I had spent seven days on Tybee Island years before on a family trip.  We stayed in a less crowded area of the island, and truly had sections of the beach pretty much to ourselves. 
This visit we hung out at the public beach.  We were among the hundreds of other people at the beach who were trying to find some way to enjoy the water, and beautiful scenery without getting covered in sand. 
Tybee Island, Georgia
The wind was so ferocious that it felt like little pellets were hitting us when the wind would really pick up.  If someone walked by or picked up a towel – watch out, you would become a sandman in a second.  Of course with the high winds, that meant the waves were out of control, and actually very dangerous.  Some of us did venture into the water, but only explored in the water that was waist deep.

After around two hours of getting covered and abused by sand, we decided to check out some shops for souvenirs and head to dinner.  Dinner was at The Crab Shack.  This restaurant was another joint that we’d already visited before; however it was one that was a must-see again.   
JC is a huge fan of seafood.  Whenever we visit a coastal area we have to go to a restaurant that offers fresh seafood.  After a glimpse at the menu we decided to have a sampling of everything.  Our seafood platter included shrimp, crawfish, mussels and crab legs.  The platter was piled high – and we did a good job of making our way through the endless amounts of food, but it was too much.  Even for a seafood enthusiast like JC. 
A portion of our seafood feast.

The gators.
The other attraction to check out at The Crab Shack is the alligator habitats.  A dozen or more small alligators were hanging out around us in their homes while we chowed down looking out at the ocean dockside.  If you don’t like seafood, this restaurant is still a fun place to visit.
With most things in life, nothing is perfect.  We may have grumbled and complained about our sand storm experience and lack of peaceful beach relaxation time, but looking back the day has resulted in a fun memory shared with good friends.  And it was hard to forget our adventurous beach day.  I was still trying to get sand out of my hair two days after our trip and suffering from the most bizarre sun burn ever.  Putting sunscreen on with crazy winds is not a good idea.  Beach problems, but fun memories.

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