Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Holiday Memories: A Holiday Book a Day

People always say the holidays are so much better once you have kids.  And they are completely right.  Having a child to share and celebrate the holidays with brings me back to the days when I was little and everything about Christmas time was so exciting and fun.  Since I have such amazing memories from Christmas I want to make sure Anderson has great memories as well. 

Now that she is a little older and can enjoy the holiday activities with us this year I’ve planned a few more fun traditions to start with her. 

Anderson loves books.  She will only sit still for about a minute to listen to a story, but she gets so excited to pull out books and look at them.  Since I love books as well, I decided to wrap up around 25 holiday books.  She will open one book each night to read before going to bed. 

Thankfully we had about 16 Christmas and winter books already on our book shelves.  For the rest of the pile I raided the Dollar Store for $1 books and other discount stores for books under $3 to add to our pile.
Miss A will get lots of practice opening gifts before Christmas morning through this tradition, and it will be a fun activity I hope to share with her for many years to come. 

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