Monday, December 1, 2014

Holiday Memories: "Mistle Toes"

Time spent with family eating lots of food.  That pretty much sums up my Thanksgiving holiday.  It was a really nice holiday.  Anderson tried the entire Thanksgiving feast.  She was a big fan of noodles and green beans, but not a fan of the turkey.  As for me, I was a big fan of all of the quality time I got to spend with Miss A.

I was able to have five days off work at home.  Most of that time was spent with Anderson.  We got to spend lots of Mommy/Daughter time.  We even got around to tackling a couple art projects that I’ve wanted to do for over a year now with Miss A. 
The “Mistle Toes” wall hanging was, of course, a Pinterest find. It was one of the easier projects, which worked out well for someone who is not a great artist.  All it took was an extra pair of hands to help with the foot painting and imprint (thanks JC), washable paint, canvas and a happy baby.  All of that resulted in a perfectly imperfect “Mistle Toes” decoration.

Our happy baby wasn’t so happy after our fun art project.  She didn’t enjoy having green feet, but it’s something that will leave a smile on my face for years to come as she grows up and those baby toes aren’t so little anymore.

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