Thursday, September 3, 2015

It's the Little Things ...

It’s the little things in life that make the journey special and memorable.  For a two year old, the little things are big things, making it fairly easy to please them.

To make our little 2 year old birthday girl’s day special we kept it pretty simple, with a toddler requested breakfast of French toast.  For a little something special we added a candle to kick off her celebrations, and give her a extra practice blowing out her candles after singing the “happy birthday” song.  Eating breakfast together was extra special for me because a morning meal together is rare during the week.  Anderson is usually still snoozing when I head for work in the morning.

Even though we weren’t able to spend the whole day with Anderson, we sent her off with some sweet treats to share with her friends at daycare.  Miss A helped me decorate the cupcakes, and really enjoyed the leftover icing.

Another little, but big thing, was being able to spend time together as a family of three during the evening.  JC usually works until close to seven every evening, so he took some time off to celebrate our special girl.  She had a surprise visit from both Mom and Dad at daycare, before heading to the pool to soak up the last few days of pool fun.  Miss A got to jump off the diving board, shoot water guns at her Dad, stomp ants (which are a huge nuisance to her), and swim!

A favorite meal (cheese tortellini), more birthday cake and candle fun, and more presents topped off the day.  Anderson loved her new pink convertible; however it’s operating as more of a bumper car at the moment until she gets the hang of driving. 

Anderson’s special day, celebrating her two years of life, wasn’t anything especially extraordinary, but it was filled with many of the things she loves, many of the people she loves, doing things she loves – which makes it a great day!

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