Thursday, October 1, 2015

A "Golden" Minnie Mouse Party with DIY Garland

Our sweet, and silly, little girl is now two!  Over Labor Day weekend we were able to throw a golden “Pink and Gold Minnie” party for Miss A.  Anderson is pretty obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but especially Minnie.  “Mimi,” what she calls Minnie, and my Mom, was among the list of her first words.  We also chose the Pink and Gold theme because Anderson turned two on September 2nd, making this her golden birthday!

Because this was her golden birthday, the pressure was on to make her party an extra special one.  Pinterest helped the cause, with an endless amount of Minnie Mouse themed parties.  It was actually a little overwhelming.  In the next few posts, I’ll break down all the fun had, and décor made, to make our Minnie-lover’s birthday so great.

The first and probably easiest DIY party project that I took on was the Minnie Mouse head garland.  I, of course, saw the idea on Pinterest and decided it might be something I could put together pretty easily.  With the help of Publisher, I was able to find a pre-made Minnie Mouse head.

Then I headed to crafters heaven, aka Hobby Lobby, for some fun pink and gold paper.  During this trip I had a tiny helper grabbing random things off shelves and making a very dangerous path through breakable sections of the store.  Because of this, I randomly picked pinks and golds without any rhyme or reason.  Thankfully, the patterns turned out to be an okay selection.

I gathered my printed Minnie Mouse head, pink and gold paper, and a pencil, and started tracing, then cutting.  After the garland was cut, I bought a $1 strand of twine from the Dollar Store and punched holes through the ears of the garland.  Next, I strung the twine through the garland, hang it up, and the result is a pretty cute, very simple, Minnie Mouse strand of garland.

Since I work full time, and commute, my time at home for these types of projects is extra slim.  My one hour of relaxation time every night after Miss A was in bed for about two weeks was spent working on Minnie Mouse birthday projects.  This meant the Minnie Mouse garland was hung in our dining room for a couple weeks.  Anderson loved it, and would “oooh” and “awww” every time she caught a glimpse of the flashy gold and cute pink polka dot paper.  Those reactions were worth every minute spent tracing, cutting and stringing Minnie Mouse heads.

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