Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Giving Back to Decatur Organizations

With JC’s job as a television meteorologist he is asked to participate in many events for various organizations every year.  From classroom visits, to clubs and fundraising events – the amount of time he dedicates to volunteering for these activities is pretty high.

When Anderson arrived a couple years ago the amount of events JC participated in went down.  We aren’t able to spend much time together of an evening, and even on the weekends at times, so the time we are together is precious.  JC is always honored to be asked to take part in the local events, so it is hard for him to pick and choose what he can and can't do.

The events that JC participates in, that also welcome family, are, of course, our favorites.  During the Fall season there are a couple of those events that we are able to participate in together.

In the past, I’ve shared our experience at the "Whiskers and Tails" gala for the Macon County Animal Foundation.  This is a great organization that does many events throughout the year for the animals in Macon County.  JC serves on the board of the Macon County Animal Foundation, so he helps out with different events throughout the year.  This year, he served as the auctioneer for the "Whiskers and Tails" gala.  Even though he was actually pretty nervous about taking on this new role, he did a great job and had fun doing it as well.

"Whiskers and Tails" event for the Macon County Animal Foundation.
Another fun event that I am also able to take part in is the “He Said/She Said” fundraising event for the Governor Ogelsby Mansion in Decatur.  This event is so different than any other gala event I’ve been able to experience, which is what makes it so memorable.

"He Said/She Said" event for the Governor Ogelsby Mansion.
The “He Said/She Said” event allows people to try five different courses of food, prepared by the Decatur Club chefs.  With each different course there is an accompanying beer and wine.  Each person votes on which drink is their favorite for each different course.  At the end of the night, the votes determine if beer or wine was the favorite overall alcoholic beverage of the night. 

A beerologist and winologist pick the beverages that go along with each course.  JC serves as the host, and has lots of fun joking around with the two experts.

This event is a great event because the participants get to try so many different types of drinks, as well as many different types of food.  This year a sweet and sour beer was on the menu.  It was not a fan favorite, nor one of my favorites.  My favorite course for the night was the appetizers/hors devours.  A sweet onion bruschetta and raspberry cheesecake puff were the selections for that course.

Not only does the “He Said/She Said” event, and others, allow for a fun, working night out for JC and me.  It also allows us to support some great organizations in the Decatur area, and meet new people.

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