Thursday, November 5, 2015

"Minnie" Moments of Halloween Fun

As the days and years go by it is sometimes hard to find the time to slow down and realize just how quickly life is passing by.  It seems like within the blink of an eye my little girl that has grown from a tiny seven pound baby, to now a healthy toddler with strong opinions and ideas of her own.

This was our third year dressing up for Halloween.  For our baby’s first Halloween she was dressed up as a sweet strawberry.  She was only a couple months old, so she had no idea what was going on; however she did decide that the puffy strawberry costume was not something she liked.  For Miss A’s second Halloween she dressed as a cute black cat.  It was a very simple, easy costume.  It was also the last costume that I had complete control over picking. 

This year, Anderson decided what she wanted to be.  It was no surprise for JC and me.  She chose Minnie Mouse as her costume.

 The Sunday before Halloween we headed out to our first Halloween event, “BOO at the Zoo.”  The annual event, held at Scovill Zoo in Decatur, is our favorite way to kick off the fun holiday.  We decided to go on a Sunday afternoon, rather than an evening, hoping that the crowd wouldn’t be too big yet.  Once we unloaded from the car, our very stubborn toddler decided she wasn’t in the mood to put on her costume; thus beginning the negotiations, and finally the threat of going home.  In a quick turn of events, she put on her costume and headed in to see all of her animal friends, and to ride the carousel and train (her favorite).  The past two summers we’ve purchased a zoo pass and visited the animals a couple times a month.  “BOO at the Zoo” is a fun way for all of us to bid farewell to a summer season.  Anderson’s favorite animal is the wolf, Tilly.  She made sure to blow kisses, and tell the wolf “love you,” before leaving.

Halloween night we got ready for our trick or treat fun with a Halloween themed meal of mummy fingers and brains (pigs in a blanket and macaroni and cheese).  Then our girl, who had grown very fond of wearing her costume, excitedly transformed into Minnie Mouse!  We headed out with her new personalized Halloween pumpkin treat bag to gather our tasty treats.

Anderson would knock on most of the doors we went to, and say “treat.”  Teaching manners is a big deal at our house, so we made sure Anderson told each person “thank you” before moving on to another house.  She really got into the whole process of the event by the end of the night and did not want to go home.
Once home we passed out some candy to other kids at our house, while Anderson snuck tootsie rolls (her favorite) out of our candy basket.  We enjoyed seeing some neighbors dressed up, and visiting others.

Passing out Halloween candy.

After turning our light off, all of us indulging in way to much candy, and stayed up way to late.  A happy little girl finally went to bed after reading a last Halloween book for the season, “Room on the Broom.”  

Looking back on past Halloween seasons it’s amazing to realize that we've now shared three Halloween holidays with our little girl.  Even though that makes me sad to watch her grow up so quickly, it is also so much fun to be able to share these new experiences with her and watch the excitement she has for each new event.

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